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2017 Suzuki S-Cross

We video test the 2017 Suzuki S-Cross – “We are very impressed by the Suzuki S-Cross Prestige, the level of standard equipment, comfort and drivability of the S-Cross Prestige is particularly impressive”

The Suzuki S-Cross started its life as the SX-4 back in 2006 as a small, perky SUV Crossover that went over well enough.

The second generation that appeared in 2013 ditched the cute looks for a more serious, grown-up look and a series of slightly different, but similar names around the world  including New SX4, SX4 Crossover and SX4 S-Cross.

Here in New Zealand it was officially SX4 S-Cross, but just became known as the S-Cross. And now the latest version of the S-Cross has arrived and it is even more grown up, but it still hides a small SX-4 badge on its rear, just as a reminder.

The new S-Cross comes in LTD 2WD and AWD forms, but a new addition to the range is the one we take a look at here - the Prestige 2WD.

The Prestige gets a range of spec upgrades over the already impressively equipped LTD, including rear privacy glass, artificial leather upholstery, automatic self-levelling LED headlights and LED taillights, rain sensing wipers, and a new design of 17-inch alloy wheel, but the biggest change is the fact that it also gets the engine from the Suzuki Vitara Turbo.

This means it is the same 103kW/220Nm 1.4-litre four-cylinder “BoosterJet” turbo petrol engine that is so good in the Vitara Turbo, also hooked up to the same excellent six-speed automatic transmission.

But where the Vitara Turbo is set up for somewhat more rugged applications (like actually going off road) the S-Cross takes a far more road-based approach to the SUV, with a more compliant ride and sharper steering, making it both more comfortable than the Vitara and a more engaging steer.

The BoosterJet engine is a thoroughly brilliant little unit with plenty of guns and impressive flexibility, while the six-speed auto is nicely matched to it, with nicely spaced gear ratios.

The level of standard equipment, comfort and drivability of the S-Cross Prestige is particularly impressive considering its price of $33,900, but becomes even more so with Suzuki’s special introductory price of $31,990.

A deeply impressive package that is great to drive and at a price that virtually makes it a no-brainer. We have to say we are very impressed by the Suzuki S-Cross Prestige.