• Mazda’s journey on the road to electrification is somewhat different to everyone else’s. Whereas many manufacturers are putting hero battery electric vehicles – plural – in their range or...
  • Early EV’s were simply EV running gear grafted into an existing ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) platform, so owners were presented with familiar wrappings combined with new technology, but as we...
  • We were anticipating a massive upsurge in van registrations following on from the temporary disaffection with the ute market recently, but you could have knocked us over with a CB antenna when we...
  • Companies operating vehicle fleets or where mobile workforces are a core element, need to have a better-than-average understanding of how
  • The new look and new spec level for the S-Cross heralds a new hero for Suzuki and at the same time, will appeal to a wider and younger customer base.  Suzuki has had a quiet couple of years in terms...
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