Video Road Report
2018 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV - Video Road Report

We video test the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Quite possibly the most successful plug-in hybrid vehicle available in the New Zealand market, and ranked number four in global terms, the Outlander PHEV has bought hybrid technology to the masses in a vehicle that is both incredibly practical and incredibly desirable, because it was originally built on a vehicle that was practical and desirable and has just gotten better with technology and progress.

The Outlander PHEV doesn’t look strange, it doesn’t behave strangely and in fact, it does exactly what you would expect an all-wheel-drive SUV to do. It carries five people, plus a good amount of luggage with a more than respectable level of comfort.

What’s more, it saves truckloads in fuel and in the grand scheme of all things SUV, it is staggeringly affordable as well as drivable. 

With a range of 54kms on electric power alone, there’s a very good chance of being able to drive to and from work on the 12kWh battery pack alone, enabling an overnight household appliance charge up to do the same again the next day.

And if you do need a top up, with the fast charge EV power infrastructure as it is, there’s plenty of locations in metropolitan centres as well as on the roads between, to ensure you’re never far from a 20 minute shot of ‘go-go juice’ to give you up to 80 per cent of full battery capacity. 

Imagine only needing to refuel at a Petrol station once every couple of weekends? $2.64 a litre? So what? And the really best part? There’s no shortage of chocolate to go with your calorie-free motoring. The Outlander PHEV has all the toys, all the bells and whistles of a contemporary and conventional SUV. Check out how easy it is to fall in love with an Outlander PHEV. 

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