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Peugeot 5008

The Peugeot 5008 began its life back in 2009 as an unashamed people mover. Based on the same underpinnings as the Citroen C4 Grand Picasso, it boasted standard Peugeot styling cues and massive interior space.

But now – because of the explosion in popularity of SUVs – it has come over all SUV-ish in its second-generation incarnation, loosing some of that remarkable interior space, but gaining a whole lot of quirky good looks and a superbly high quality and stylish interior, and yes it still has seven seats.

Chunky, modern and distinctly a Peugeot, the 5008 is bold and handsome, with styling that nicely blurs the lines – it’s not really an SUV, but it’s certainly not a people mover any more  either. Although, that said, it does look a wee bit people mover-y from the rear three quarter angle.

But if the outside is boldly distinctive, then the interior is on another level again. Fantastically modern and stylish, the 5008’s interior is made from high quality materials and boasts excellent build quality. It is easily the best interior in any affordable, mainstream car on sale today, and we say that with complete confidence – it really is THAT good.

However, it is still rather French in an ergonomic sense. Seats that look superbly comfortable and supportive aren’t really, and consigning too much functionality to the touchscreen adds to the ergonomic silliness.

“Lightly frustrating” is the best way to describe the 5008’s controls and things like the steering column-mounted shift paddles that are impossible to reach on full lock and the fact that the windows don’t wind entirely down into the door's grate.

The 133kW/400Nm diesel engine is strong and flexible, with particularly nice punch in the mid-range, while the six-speed transmission is slick and has an enjoyably responsive manual mode.

Out on the road the 5008 is surprisingly taut and agile for a large, tall seven-seat vehicle, and boasts a comfortable and composed ride, albeit with a slight tendency to get a bit brittle over rough surfaces.

Quirky and beautifully made, the 5008 is everything that has always been good about French cars. But it also harbours a few of the traditional downsides as well.

Things like the fact that every button press has to go on for just a bit longer than feels natural – including, most annoyingly, the start button – the fact that the front windows don’t quite go completely down into the doors – meaning a small, annoying section of glass is always jabbing you in the arm if you, like me, are partial to cocking an elbow on an open window when driving.

These small niggles do become insignificant when compared to the brilliance off that interior, however, and the impressive quality of the 5008 overall make an incredibly strong argument for it in the segment.

If you want something that stands out from the crowded seven-seat segment, with a thoroughly fantastic interior, then the 5008 is a hard one to go past.



Body type Five-door SUV
Drive Front wheel drive
Engine type Inline four-cylinder turbo diesel
Engine capacity 1997cc
Max power 133kW @ 3750rpm
Max torque 400Nm @ 2000rpm
l/100km (Combined) 4.8
C02 emissions 124g/km
Boot capacity 952 litres
Spare tyre Repair kit
ANCAP rating Not tested
Price $57,990

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