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RAM Xl2500

Massive is the best adjective for the Ram, suggests Damien O’Carroll.

The thoroughly massive Ram 2500 (and its identical looking but beefier 3500 brother) has been available in New Zealand for a while now, since Fiat Chrysler started its RHD “remanufacture” operation in Australia.

But now FCA NZ has added a $5,000 appearance pack option to the 2500 that adds chunky all-terrain tyres and tougher looks. Yes, really – tougher.

While the thoroughly huge Ram looks pretty damn tough to begin with, the black additions just make thing so much tougher and include a brilliant vented bonnet and blacked out grille surround, while the chunky all terrain tyres fill the wheel arches better and make it look more in proportion.

Inside things are the same as before, which means a massively roomy and comfortable interior that is distinctly American, hard plastics an all.

One downside inside the Ram is the foot operated parking brake on the right of the footwell. It is awkward and unintuitive to use and is a constant frustration.

The massive 6.7-litre Cummins diesel is one hell of an engine – massively torquey and impressively powerful, it even sounds like a big rig, particularly when idling. 

Sadly, without a decent load in the tray, the Ram’s poor ride is only worsened by the A/T tyres and it wanders all over the road at open road speeds and the rear end is skittish on low grip surfaces (wet road, gravel, etc).

But you don’t buy a truck expecting a luxurious ride, responsive, communicative steering and sharp handling. You buy it to do a job. And it is also nice if it looks cool, which – particularly with the appearance pack – the 2500 certainly does.

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