Spirit of Ford Mustang

The Canterbury Mustang Owners Club, host of this year’s National Ford Mustang Convention in Christchurch at Labour Weekend, is taking an innovative approach to the traditional judging and awards protocols, befitting the special nature of the 50th anniversary celebrations that underpin the 2014 convention.

While first, second and third place trophies for the traditional model years, plus the famous Shelby’s and Boss’s, will still be judged, the convention will feature a total of ten additional, very special “Spirit of Mustang” awards.

These “Spirit of Mustang” awards will be judged by a specially chosen guest panel, tasked with the challenge of selecting and agreeing on the ten Mustangs that in their opinion best represent and capture the legendary and iconic Mustang spirit.

“The guidelines we will give to the guest judges will be deliberately generic, giving them autonomy and discretion to use their own judgement” says Peter Geddes, convenor of the convention working group.

“But to get them started and to ensure consistency, we’ll be suggesting that they think about three aspects; firstly, the presentation standard of each of the 200 plus Mustangs and its display; secondly, recognition of the five decades that define the Mustang heritage; thirdly and perhaps most important, their personal view of the visual and emotional appeal of each Mustang on show, and the way that it evokes for them the values, memories and heritage that capture the spirit of Mustang.”

“We anticipate strong interest and competition from the 200 plus expected entrants at the convention, because of the special nature of the 50th celebrations. We know that these Spirit of Mustang Awards will hold a coveted, once in 50 years status, throughout NZ’s Mustang fraternity. It’s just one of the many plans we have to make the 2014 Mustang Convention one not to be missed!” 


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