Video Road Report
Video road report - Mitsubishi Lancer GSR

There's a lot of history behind the Lancer GSR nameplate, and we've touched on this in our latest Fleet Review video, with some exciting footage of GSRs gone by.

But it's the latest GSR that's the hero of our latest video.

It comes extremely well-stacked, with alloy wheels, side skirts, and a big spoiler on the outside, while the interior is packed with features.

These include a big 6.1 inch touchscreen that allows one to choose radio stations, and also does duty as the reversing camera monitor; there are satellite controls for the audio system on the leather-rimmed steering wheel, as well as for the cruise control.

Bluetooth connectivity is a feature, allowing one to make phone calls or to stream from your audio device , and there's also a USB if you want to plug it in.

This spacious five-seater is powered by a reliable MIVEC two-litre Mitsubishi motor, and despite having plenty of power, it also returns excellent fuel economy figures.

Throw in sure-footed handling and a good ride , and at $26,000, as we said in the latest issue of Company Vehicle magazine, "at this price how can you not be impressed?"


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