Video Road Report
Volkswagen Transporter Runner SWB Video road report

We video test the 2018 Volkswagen Transporter Runner SWB.

That’s quite a mouthful, but then, for a medium-sized van, the Volkswagen Transporter Runner SWB has a great deal going for it, so having a long moniker should suggest there is much more to this van than meets the eye. And it does.

The Transporter Runner is a short wheelbase, but don’t think you are being short-changed on that all-important carrying capacity an intelligently-designed van offers. With a 5.8 cubic metre cargo area in regular roof height guise, the Transporter gives a very modular cargo area for carrying payloads of up to 989kg into tight parking places by virtue of its 3 metre wheelbase.

Many people think a white van is simply that: a large box on wheels, good for moving lots of stuff around, all of which is very true in the case of the Transporter Runner, but there’s nothing to say the van has to be boring, or that you can’t have some impressive tech onboard at the same time.

In the case of the Volkswagen Transporter Runner, you have a 2-litre turbocharged diesel engine capable of ridiculously low fuel efficiency numbers for starters of 7.9L/100 km, but now you can have it mated to the convenience of Volkswagen’s 7-speed DSG automatic transmission.

And who said van cabins should be boring? Volkswagen would certainly dispute the point, with the car-like qualities of the van overall, enhanced by the familiar Volkswagen Group levels of cabin refinement in Transporter Runner. It’s not just about the touchy-feely surfaces in the cabin either; the cabin is home to a variety of contemporary equipment that you would expect to find in a European car, a 5” touchscreen and revering camera. It is all carefully and thoughtfully positioned to be used while ensuring the comfort and ease of the driver operator to use it.

The Volkswagen Transporter Runner then, is a cargo carrying van, which showcases car-like qualities and equipment specification while at the same time, demonstrates a focus on being an essential, practical, and economical fit-for-purpose business tool which – with a solid focus on driver safety – answers the transportation needs of the van buyer and Health and Safety conscious fleet manager.


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