Welcome to the New Zealand Company Vehicle Buyer’s Guide for 2014.It was a case of business as usual for the local car market this year, with the number of launches of new vehicles increasing cautiously throughout the year and most manufacturers introducing a number of new or updated models to their ranges.The SUV segment has continued to flourish with the Large Car segment still remaining the biggest victim of the rise of the SUV.Business confidence is high going into 2014 and we expect to be bringing you all the news and launches from what should be a strong year for the New Zealandmotor industry.For now though, we are proud to bring you the 2014 NZ Company Vehicle Buyer’s Guide.As with previous years we have had to place limits on what makes it into the Company Vehicle Buyer’s Guide and, as such, anything overtly sporty, convertibles,coupes and any vehicle that is priced above our Executive Car cut-off of $75,000 has been excluded.Last year we redesigned the Guide to make it easier to follow and you seemed to approve of the changes, so this year we have stuck with the same format. As always a manual transmission is just that, while an automatic can mean a conventional auto, a continuously variable transmission (CVT), a dual clutch automated transmission (such as VW’s DSG or Ford’s Powershift) or a single clutch automated (such as Citroen’s EGS system).For SUVs and utes consider them 2WD unless they have “4x4” next to the model designation.Click here to read digital copy