Michelin accessories arrive in style

Tyres and good food are two things normally associated with the Michelin name, but the French company is extending its repertoire to car accessories and lifestyle items that are now available in New Zealand.

Michelin Lifestyle was created in 2000 to extend and enhance the appeal of the Michelin brand through new consumer products and its latest wares have been picked up by Griffiths Equipment for distribution in our market.

Not surprisingly, some of the first of the new Michelin products available here are tyre-related, including foot pumps and pressure gauges, but they’re not your ordinary pumps and gauges, according to Griffiths equipment sales manager Tim Paterson.

“The styling and quality of these Michelin products is exceptional.” “The foot pumps look a little like something out of Star Wars. The design and construction is beautiful – if you could ever describe a foot pump as beautiful – it’s a real work of art.”

The design of the foot pumps makes use of the main business of Michelin by featuring an ergonomic foot pedal that mimics the look of a rubber tyre tread set into the steel body. It not only looks good, the rubber tread is also very practical, as it provides an excellent grip when it is being pumped.

There are three foot pump models available; a single cylinder version with an analogue gauge, a single cylinder model with a digital gauge, and a model that features twin-cylinder technology for pumping air into tyre in greater volume and is described as the “Rolls-Royce” of foot pumps.

The pumps are very sturdy, with a wide base on rubber feet that makes them very stable when being used and the clever design includes storage of attachments so they are always handy when needed, including a selection of adapters that will fit rugby and soccer balls, as well as bicycle tyre valves.

The foot pumps display the air in both PSI and Bar read-outs and Tim says tests have shown them to be highly accurate to within plus or minus 1 percent.

Both the single and the twin pumps come with 60cm of hose incorporating a built-in Presta adapter.

Another product in the Michelin range that would be handy in any motorist’s glovebox is the digital tyre depth and pressure gauge, which Tim describes as “quite unique, as I’ve never seen a digital device that will do both”.

In addition to being useful for any motorist, Tim believes it would be ideal for workshop environments where tread depth needs to be measured, along with the ability to take an accurate PSI reading, such as in motor sport applications. It is powered by a long-lasting lithium battery, and the tyre pressure readings are accurate to within 1 percent, with the information shown in a large digital display for easy viewing.

The Michelin car accessory range is available from automotive outlets throughout New Zealand. More information is available at

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