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Thanks to Fagan Motors Masterton, Life Flight’s fleet not only traverses the skies, but also the roads. 

With Fagan Motors donating a shiny trio of Mazda vehicles for day-to-day operations, Life Flight can concentrate their funding to their work in the skies – saving lives.

As a charitable organisation, community support is crucial. Operating 24/7, 365 days a year, Life Flight’s Westpac Rescue Helicopter flies in the lower North and upper South Islands attending scenes where location is remote or difficult, or when speed to hospital is critical. The Life Flight Air Ambulance provides national transportation for critically ill patients requiring urgent specialist care – imagine a flying intensive care ward at 30,000ft for an accurate picture.

So, why did Fagan Motors choose to support Life Flight? CEO/Dealer Principal Keith Allen says it’s simple really, they do so on behalf of the entire Masterton Community. They see the vulnerability of a largely rural community like Masterton that as with many provincial areas of New Zealand, has a hospital that can only provide up to a certain level of care. In the past year, 206 people in the Wairarapa have been helped by Life Flight. Fagan Motors saw an opportunity to support this life-saving service by becoming part of the Life Flight family of sponsors. 

Understanding both Life Flight’s ethos and requirements, Fagan Motors helped choose a Mazda fleet for Life Flight. Keith says, “we wanted to put Life Flight into an economic cost effective fleet that suited their requirements. Mazda was the obvious choice not only because of the scheduled Mazda care service plan, but between Life Flight, Mazda and Fagan Motors, we share the same sort of values when it comes to supporting our community. Both the Mazda CX5 and Mazda 3 are very fuel efficient, have great performance and fit well with Life Flight’s image.”

Connecting Life Flight’s Air Rescue Centre and Wellington Hospital, the Mazda CX5 provides the necessary space for the specialist doctors and flight nurses and their equipment; while the Mazda 3 provides a smooth driving experience for Life Flight’s crew and staff, wherever they need to drive within New Zealand – and as a nationwide service, their work takes them all over. Printed with Life Flight’s logo, the fleet also provides a strong presence within the community. 

The history of Life Flight begins in the wake of tragedy. After the disastrous sinking of the Wahine in 1968 that claimed 51 lives, a local plumber, Peter Button, declared “there has to be a better way!” as he stood amidst the aftermath on the Wellington coast. In 1975 his dream was realised when New Zealand’s first Rescue Helicopter took to the skies.

Since then, more than 28,000 lives have been saved by Life Flight’s Westpac Rescue Helicopter and Air Ambulance Plane with the help of a dedicated and talented team. 

Life Flight shares a wealth of inspiring stories from their past patients. It is real life New Zealanders sharing their personal accounts that is the real testament to the life-saving work being achieved by Life Flight every day. Check it out yourself on our website at, https://lifeflight.org.nz/patient-stories

The opportunity for businesses to support Life Flight as part of their sponsor programme (like Fagan Motors), or as a community partner or community sponsor, is a way to ensure continued secure financial support whilst allowing these businesses and groups to affiliate themselves with the work Life Flight does
– it is a great opportunity to show a business cares about people.

Life Flight cannot afford a day when they don’t fly. The generosity and thoughtfulness of community minded businesses like Fagan Motors is integral to this charitable organisation’s ability to save lives.

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